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Zhejiang Yichuan Power Machinery Co., Ltd.
Twenty years of wind and rain
In the magnificent development process across the centuries, the burning passion, hard work and innovative wisdom of Yichuan people are embodied. The development of the Southern Expedition and the Northern War has developed into the largest machining production base in the industry, and has become a brand of Taizhou.
We persist we pursue
The leadership team of Yichuan will start a new journey of business with a tireless spirit of innovation. Inspiring the brilliance of the sun, we are adhering to the enterprise spirit of "do not do it, do it first-class, pursue perfection, and never stop" on the road, and a company that adheres to "integrity, innovation, responsibility, and value" Core values, create a corporate environment with harmonious external connections and strict internal control, and provide inexhaustible energy for the company s progress.
Times are advancing markets are changing companies are developing
Grasping the general trend of development and keeping pace with the times, we implement the corporate development concept of "mainly unity, diversified operations, and strengthen the company with technology", keep pace with the times, lead the industry s cutting edge, become better and stronger, and strive to promote the company s high-quality and sustainable develop. We are always grateful. It is precisely because of the support and care of friends from all walks of life that we have today s achievements and self-confidence. Therefore, the steps forward have become more practical and powerful.
We are eager to cooperate and win-win
The corporate vision of creating the most competitive auto parts processing enterprise in the country requires us not only to participate in competition, but also to pursue cooperation, and seek common development with our partners through storms and stresses. Please be assured that Yichuan is not only your preferred partner, but also your most reliable friend forever!
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